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Growth success depends on your omni-channel strategy

With 25% of retail sales to come from online channel in 2025, companies need more than ever to align their supply chain with their consumers demand. Now DSV Logistics completes the supply chain circle by offering B2C E-Commerce solutions. Whether you are an existing customer or not, you can now take advantage of the omni-channel revolution with the addition of DSV Logistics ‘ E-Commerce Logistics services to your supply chain.

DSV Logistics provides the complete logistics ecosystem

If you are an existing DSV Logistics customer

You might be wondering how DSV Logistics can create even more value to your flow of goods. You most likely manage your B2B with DSV Logistics’ Supply Chain Management or import your goods with DSV Logistics Ocean and Customs solutions.

If you are not an existing DSV Logistics customer

You would probably like to simplify your supply chain by combining your B2B and B2C management with one logistics provider. This would allow you to focus on customer retention and product growth.

How we help you grow online

We allow you to reach new markets with minimum capital with online sales.

We handle all the preparations for the global shopping festivals, allowing you to focus on selling to a concentrated consumer base.

Get constant updates on your shipments or allow us to send you the data to your own platform.

The e-commerce revolution

When one customer wanted to expand into the China B2C market, but worried about how to forecast such an expansive market, they looked to DSV Logistics to manage their fulfilment and delivery from their newly created online store on Tmall. From there, the growth has been the envy of many other customers. How will you capitalize on this revolution?


DSV Logistics E-Commerce Logistics is a suite of products to manage business to consumer (B2C) supply chains for brands and retailers. By leveraging our existing assets and investing in new physical and digital capabilities, we strive to provide the omni-channel solution to enable our customers to fulfill the full potential of the fast-growing e-commerce business.

Three core B2C services are offered by DSV Logistics, with additional services available based on your supply chain needs.

E-Fulfilment Centers

DSV Logistics has spent decades building a strong network of self-managed and partner omni-centers allowing you to facilitate both your B2B and B2C operations in the same footprint to increase your speed to consumer and decrease your stock out. We deploy leading technologies that allow you to create unparalleled visibility on your stock. Connect to multiple sales channels in all your key markets and let DSV Logistics manage the entire boxing process, making it ready for delivery at break-neck paces.

Let DSV Logistics fulfil your orders, so you can fulfil your customer’s expectations.


DSV Logistics understands all the different ways to tailor your supply chain. We have decades of experience designing global supply chains. When it comes to delivering your B2C orders, we know that the goods can be fulfilled from down the street, from a neighboring country, or across an ocean. Therefore, we created a geography agnostic delivery product that will fulfil all your parcel delivery needs.

We integrate all the transportation nodes for you using the DSV Logistics infrastructure in Ocean, Air, Customs, and Inland so you don’t have to. Just tell us where to pick up and drop off your parcels and we’ll do the rest.


Even more than delivery, consumer returns are taking the headlines of your customer’s experience. Trying to efficiently reverse the entire supply chain can cause headaches for even the most skilled supply chain manager. Therefore, DSV Logistics has focused on E-Commerce Returns as a key value driver for our customers. For this, we offer best-in-class software allowing customized return options across the globe, leveraging on the DSV Logistics infrastructure to make reverse logistics as easy as forward logistics.

Regardless of your sales channel, we can plug in your logic to your web store, your physical store, or even an online marketplace. This ensures your consumer can return their order, but not their loyalty.



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Flexible Hub

Get the flexibility to move your cargo in an agile way

Today’s market reality makes it critical that you remain in control of the destination and speed of your shipment at all times. However, your deliveries still need to happen at the lowest possible costs.

Flexible Hub is our new solution that lets you manage your cargo flow in line with your demand patterns. It enables you to store your goods closer to key markets until the time is right for you to deliver the order. You can then transport your goods directly from our hub port with unmatched speed and reliability to the destination of your choice.

Why choose Flexible Hub?

It provides Flexibility in your supply chain to stay agile and manage your business smoothly. Take a look to see how our solution helps you manage your cargo flow to its final destination.

Agility and faster time to market

Up to 70% reduction in ‘order to delivery’ lead times. Get the flexibility to change the final destination and the agility to deliver faster to your customers directly from the hubs.

Offers online visibility

You get complete visibility to monitor real-time inventory levels and your storage time through online dashboards.

Optimise supply chain costs

Our hubs reduce storage costs by nearly 30% in comparison with traditional warehouse facilities and with reduced working capital.

Relieve pressure on storage facilities

Save precious storage space at your facilities. We will deliver your cargo to its destination when the time is right.

One contract

You can easily add Flex Hub to your long-term contract. Just select the hub port you wish to use and get started.

Put your customers within reach

Position your cargo closer to key markets with our seven (7) hub ports. Flexible Hub is available in Salalah, Tanjung Pelepas, Said, Algeciras, Colombo, Tangier and Bremerhaven.

Manage demand fluctuations

Slowdown in flows of your cargo to meet changes in demand. Ship your cargo now and we’ll store it for you in one of our hub ports.

How Flexible Hub works

Flexible Hub is simple to use and convenient to incorporate into your logistics process, letting you strike a much-needed balance between demand and supply.

1. At Origin:

Make your booking with YSG Logistics to a destination as planned. Inform us at time of booking that your cargo needs Flexible Hub.

2. When Sailing:

Receive real-time updates of your cargo from the time your containers leave for the transhipment hub.

3. At the Hub Port:

Your YSG Logistics representative helps manage the holding of containers across our multiple hubs. After the cargo reaches your hub port of choice, we hold it on your behalf until you decide its final destination and when you want it delivered.

4. On the way to the final destination:

When you have chosen the time and the final location, we will complete the delivery. All potential locations for the final destination must be a part of the contract.

YSG Logistics Contract

Get your cargo moving with YSG Logistics Contract

Stable rates, choice of allocation and assured space. All this, only with our new contract product.

Your contract should seamlessly sync with your business and provide you with stable long-term rates with no fluctuations. With the right contract, you can be certain to get the cargo space you need when you need it.

YSG Logistics Contract does that and much more. You get the flexibility to choose between our three different contract allocations for the one that best suits you. Our 2-way commitment increases reliability with a guaranteed loading and space for your goods. And with the Allocation Portal, you get a complete overview of your contract and allocations in real-time.


Why choose YSG Logistics Contract?


Get a clear agreement with predictable rates and real-time visibility on the Allocation Portal.


Get guaranteed loading of your booked cargo.


Choose and adjust your allocation with the flexibility that matches your business needs.

We offer Three Types of Allocations

Flat Allocation

If your logistic requirements are predictable and stable over the year, we offer you a Flat Allocation. We reserve space for your cargo following a schedule with the same number of containers per lane every week at a stable rate.

Seasonal Allocation

If your logistic needs vary over the year, we offer you a Seasonal Allocation. We reserve space for your cargo at a stable rate and in line with your forecasts. If your business demands change beyond forecasts, we provide an option to buy additional allocation.

Unlimited Allocation

If your logistic requirements fluctuate and you need maximum flexibility in your supply chain, we offer you an Unlimited Allocation. We adjust the allocation upwards and downwards and reserve space for your cargo according to your rolling forecasts with no restrictions and at a stable rate.

Introducing YSG Logistics Spot

Imagine if a restaurant was like shipping

You wouldn’t accept complex booking, overbooking nor price uncertainty. So why do it in shipping? Introducing YSG Logistics Spot with loading guarantee, easy online booking and a fixed price at booking.

Why choose YSG Logistics Spot

Guaranteed loading

Whether it is peak season or not, you can be sure that your cargo will receive load guarantee.

Inland & ocean in one booking

Get your goods all the way. Less complexity. Less hassle.

Fixed price at booking

Get your final price upfront at booking – all-in and no unforeseen charges.

Easy online booking

Get a full overview online of available departures, arrivals and transit times. And get your cargo moving in just a few clicks.

Rollable option

Earn a good bargain for your non-time sensitive cargo. Select Rollable and get compensation in case of a rollover.

YSG Logistics ECO Delivery

Now there is choice

Moving towards sustainability is imperative. Also in transportation. This is why we are working with a number of initiatives to innovate within decarbonization. The challenge to deliver true progress in the complex area of sustainability calls for cross industry collaboration, why we are working with a range of partners to achieve measurable results.

Our newest innovation is YSG Logistics ECO Delivery – a more sustainable way to transport your goods. YSG Logistics ECO Delivery uses sustainable biofuel to provide immediate carbon reductions. This means, a carbon neutral way of shipping is not a distant reality anymore.

Why choose YSG Logistics ECO Delivery?

You get immediate carbon savings, not just carbon offsetting.

It is now easy to buy CO2 neutral transportation.

You get CO2 savings with independent 3rd party verification.